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Darondo Hood Big 50

The unbelievable, true story of bigger than life personality, Delrhonda 'Big Fifty" Hood, who went from street thug to respected gansta to finding redemption

Meet Delrhonda "Big Fifty" Hood

Big Fifty, a product of the Detroit ghetto, runs every hustle imaginable to become one of the Motor City's most legendary Queenpins.

Delrhonda Denise Hood was born October 28th, to parents, Joann and Willi Hood Sr. She was raised and attended public school in East Side, Detroit Michigan, where she was the oldest of 4 siblings.  Growing up DelRhonda was a very fashionable child.. she loved nice clothes and nice shoes, in fact her father would buy her a new pair of shoes every Friday, which in her innocent mind meant it was time for the previous pair of shoes to be thrown away. This notion didn't last very long due to her mother finding all her shoes in the trash.  But that didn't stop her from trying to show off her shoes to the boys at school. When she was 5 yrs old she tried as hard as continuing to pat her feet on the floor to get the attention she wanted from one particular boy and when he didn't respond to her advances she clocked him in the head with one of the wooden chairs in the classroom. 


As she advanced to elementary school, so did her body and much faster than the other 4th graders in her school. She had beautiful long eyelashes, thick eyebrows and, yes you guessed it, shapely breasts. She often wondered why the teachers would say she was a "fast ass" because of these features. She began to be more self conscious about these features due to being teased by the other children and ridiculed by the adults and even school teachers. Growing up in a house full of aunts and uncles she always felt more mature and more intelligent then the other children her same age. So she spent most of her time with the adults around her. Because she felt the other children were just too immature for her.


By the time DelRhonda was 15 she found herself pregnant with her first child, Rodney. So, she never really knew what it meant to be a child herself because now she was a mother. By the time she was 18 she began to get a taste of the unforgiving streets of Detroit. She began to hang out and become very close with one of the dancers at the  local strip club. She quickly realized that her shapely and mature physique was a way she could make quick easy money. So that's exactly what she and her friend did. Even to the point where her neighbors recognized  the same red limousine would pull up every Thursday in the neighborhood and Delrhonda and her friend would enter the limo for a short time and exit $2,500 richer. As she got older she began to be more enticed and drawn in by the quick money and fast life of the drug and gang filled neighborhood in which she lived. This decision proved to be one she would never forget.  This decision created who we now know as Big Fifty, the self proclaimed Queen Scorpio, the baddest Female Gangster in Detroit. She began to hang out with the male gangsters, drug dealers and hustlers and took the  Detroit drug game to another level and business was booming and the money was flowing. So much money that she was able to treat herself to the finer things in life. She had the respect of the street and nobody dared to cross her.  She had the streets on lock. She had two more children during this time, Eric and Erideja, who she tried to shelter and keep from the street life she was living..... 


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